Terms of Use

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 [Purpose]

This Agreement Westbridge Education LLC (the "company"), a website (praxised.com) to provide educational information through the Service (collectively, "Services" are) associated with the use of the right and between the Company and its members. The purpose of such obligations and responsibilities are.

Article 2 [Definitions]

  1. The definitions of terms used in this Agreement are as follows.
    1. "User" means the "Company" with access to the site, depending on the terms "company" to provide "content" and to use various services, "member" and "non-member" refers to.
    2. "Member" means the Company's website, with access to the company by agreeing to the Terms of Use Agreement and the identity (ID) who has been granted to companies that provide information and services available are the ones constantly.
    3. "Content" means the company's web site is provided by means of online courses and other related information by using Information Network Promotion and Information Protection Act Article 2, Section 1 1 Information Network under the provisions of the code used in and character, voice, sound and image or video material or information is expressed, etc..
    4. "Nick (ID)" means any member to identify and service members decide to approve the company is a combination of letters or numbers.
    5. "Password (password)" means any service city, the members confirmed the identity match, to protect your personal information, they set membership is a combination of letters or numbers.
    6. "Operator (manager)" means the overall management and smooth operation of the service to the company chosen by the person or company says.
    7. "Members of the post" means the Company's services are provided by the member posts on the website, images and other files and links, the various comments and other information means.
    8. "Termination" means a company or a member of the Service after the opening is used to terminate the contract.
  2. I rule that falls under the definition in the other, with respect to other definitions of terms are subject to trade practices and related laws.

Article 3 [the company provides, such as identifying information]

The Company's trade name, representative name, address, telephone number (for handling consumer complaints, including our contacts), and fax numbers, e-mail address, business registration number, report number, and communications vendors and users of personal information manager It is easy to initialize an online service to publish.

Paragraph 4 [Terms of publications, etc.]

The company has a separate connection of users through the screen so you can see the terms posted on the company's website, and the full terms and conditions are to be printed.

Article 5 [of the amended Terms and Conditions]

  1. The company does not violate the relevant laws and regulations may amend these terms and conditions in the range.
  2. Amend the terms and conditions apply to the company dated and indicate the reason for revision, revision with all the terms and Operative Date to 14 days before the company posted on the website so you can see, and existing members through to the Terms and Conditions Revised Article 8 that notice.
  3. Already a Member does not agree with the revised terms of service may have to stop and delete my account.

Article 6 [Validity]

  1. Terms and Conditions by the user of this information, you consent to apply for membership and for the company by accepting the request to take effect.
  2. The terms of its existing members in accordance with Article 5, paragraph 2, despite notice, or notice, during the same period does not raise objections to the revised terms will be deemed approved.
  3. Not stated in these terms and conditions for the "Law on the Regulation of", "Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection Promotion Act", "E-Commerce Consumer Protection Act" and other relevant laws and regulations are subject to the provisions of .

Article 7 [of the Terms of interpretation]

This Agreement does not decide on matters concerning the interpretation of this Agreement and the relevant laws are construed in accordance with, or sanggwanrye.

Article 8 ["member" for notification]

  1. The company will notify members when things happen, sign up for e-mail address, or a member posted a message, pop up, such as wired and wireless ways you can notify.
  2. All the members of the company for more than 14 days notice if the company's Web site posted on the bulletin board can be replaced by a notice in the preceding paragraph. However, the member's transaction and related matters about the great impact the same way as the preceding paragraph may be notified separately.

Chapter 2 Membership

Article 9 [Register]

  1. Use of services by member companies who wish to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions and agree to display information, a small company to provide relevant information on the registration form to fill out to apply for membership should be.
  2. In accordance with the company before applying for membership online membership form, fill in the actual data of any user information to be considered.
  3. Company pursuant to paragraph 1 of this application for users to sign up to the consent principle,. However, the company falls into the following with respect to the approval of the application may not, even after consent is revoked.
    1. Approved due to reasons attributable to users is not possible
    2. Of others who steal personal information or if you
    3. If you provide false information
    4. Companies to provide relevant information to the membership application form if you do not fill
    5. Terms of companies prior to, or in violation of relevant laws and regulations has been the loss of membership if
    6. The terms of Article 19 [Members of the obligations], if the violation
    7. Other laws, in violation of this Agreement and, if
    8. Membership application forms are available on the listed company information (ID, password, address, etc.) against the good customs and other social order or to insult others if
  4. Afford the services of the company or related equipment, technical or business issues that may be suspended if the approval.
  5. The company in accordance with Article 3 and Article 4 of the consent does not apply for membership or reservations to, if not immediately pop up through the user (applicant) is notified. However, the Company can not, without liability to be notified if the applicant is an exception.

Article 10 [Change of Profile]

  1. Members of the company's website, "Personal Info" page at any time and modify their personal information can be viewed.
  2. Member of the preceding paragraph does not modify the changes the company is not liable for penalties incurred.

Article 11 ["members" of the "identity" and "password" for the management of obligations]

  1. Member ID and password is responsible for managing and using it to others, the public will not be to use a 3rd party.
  2. Members have their own ID and password has been leaked and is being used by 3rd party is aware, must immediately notify the company.
  3. I protested that if the company members' personal information for fraud protection and other services to members to act and prevent the password necessary to request such a change, and with the requirements of the Company immediately to meet the company's request in good faith.
  4. The member companies of this paragraph 2 and Article 3 does not fulfill its obligations and responsibilities is not responsible for penalties incurred.

Article 12 [membership withdrawal, reactivation and forfeiture, etc.]

  1. I am a member if you want to leave the company on customer service via telephone or website application must withdraw.
  2. Companies to apply for reactivation of the members leave for one week after application of the active members will keep records and taking statements. However, after the withdrawal request after a week to immediately remove all of the information of members.
  3. Members within one week after the withdrawal request may apply for reactivation, and that the service without a separate registration process is available.
  4. Member companies that violate this Agreement or any applicable law, the Service or restrict the use may lose membership.
  5. 1 year automatic withdrawal will not be logged.
  6. I action pursuant to this Agreement pursuant to paragraph 2 of Article 19 should apply mutatis mutandis.

Chapter 3 Service Agreement

Article 13 [Establishment of service agreement and the payment method]

  1. The company offers members the following subparagraphs, or by similar procedures apply to the use of content services. The company contracts ago, the following matters concerning members to understand and accurately, without error or mistake and to provide information to trade.
    1. Contents of a list view and select
    2. See more information content
    3. Click to pay
    4. Order products and check payments (refund policy guidance)
    5. Choose payment method
    6. Payment confirmed
    7. Billing
  2. Members of credit cards, real-time transfer, such as mobile payment company to decide how to pay for payment of services. However, the characteristics of each payment for each payment may be due to certain restrictions.
  3. As a rule, parents pay a minor member of the [legal guardian] of the patients or caregivers [legal guardian] be made with the consent and parental [legal guardian] concluded without the consent of the person your child (a minor) may cancel the contract.
  4. Subscribe to the payment of a minor under the name of your payment, if the legal representative of such minor, parental consent and proof of documents, including e-mail provided or confirmed by wired and wireless can provide contacts of parents to should be. If these procedures are not followed if payment protector [legal guardian] is authorized by the disposition of the property can be viewed.
  5. Guardian's consent to the company whether through methods such as wired and wireless can be found.

Article 14 [Application for Use]

  1. In order to use this service, companies are required by the prescribed application form to apply to all users to record information.
  2. Registration form to fill in all the actual data of all user information will be considered. Did not enter a description or the actual information the user can not receive legal protection of services may be limited.

Chapter 15 [Request for approval of]

  1. The above provisions of this Article, a member of the company according to the procedure when applying for a paid service, as a gesture of approval under Article 8 of this Agreement notify members by way, and notice of acceptance to the membership at the time the contract has been reached a rise.
  2. The company's paid services for members in any of the following apply if the consent of the reason may be suspended until they are resolved.
    1. The use of paid services if you do not pay fees
    2. Application and deposit the total amount of paid services if you do not match the total
    3. If you have any other reasonable cause, as if the company deems it necessary
  3. If the company is available on the following cases shall not accept it can be.
    1. Using someone else's name if requested
    2. Apply using false information to users when requested by Camera
    3. Good social order or public morals if you applied for the purpose of undermining
    4. Other companies use a small application that does not meet the requirements

Article 16 [Change of user information]

  1. Members through a personal information management system at any time and modify their personal information may be viewed.
  2. When applying for membership changes to user information in case of listed online, you must modify the Tardis mibyeon caused the problem to the user is responsible.

Article 17 [the company's obligations]

  1. Acquired in connection with the company providing the service members' personal information to others without your prior consent, disclose or may not be distributed. However, if the following cases are the exception.
    1. Telecommunications Law and the provisions of the law by the state agency if required
    2. The purpose of criminal investigation, or at the request of the Information Communication Ethics Committee if
    3. Other related laws and regulations set forth the procedure if requested by
  2. Companies within the scope of the provisions of this Article above, the Company in connection with a business in the privacy of all or part of a member of the statistical data which can be used to create, through the service member's computer, you can send cookies. In this case, denial of membership to receive cookies, or cookies, to warn against the use of a receiving computer's browser settings can be changed.
  3. Company members use the service in the course of your personal information disclosed externally, to avoid having a firewall and additional security devices used and the specific information on the company website "Privacy Policy" can be found at .
  4. The company paid membership service and the payment history so often to see the action.
  5. Companies using the service with any comments or complaints raised by members unwarranted if it is handled without delay. Comments and complaints raised by members about taking advantage of the board or by e-mail and deliver it to the process and results.
  6. Any breach of these terms and conditions set forth in the company due to compensation for damage suffered by a member.

Article 18 [Members of the obligation]

  1. A member of the company without the explicit permission of the use rights will be limited to the members personal, transferable, gift, or it can not provide collateral.
  2. The company is a member falls under the responsibility of each violation for a specified period to stop all or part of the Service or for a considerable period after the best you can terminate the contract.
    1. Membership Application, or change the use, fill out false, or yourself or another member's ID and personal information is used and shared
    2. Member of the company or third party rights and copyright infringement if 3
    3. Membership in the company using the services provided to sell products or services to commercial activities such as business activities if
    4. Members of the Service or interfere with other users, the company's staff, employees, or if a party claiming
    5. Membership in the company's website, and order of society or to an offense against public morals, or their related codes and text, voice, sound and video and by posting information to disseminate to others if
    6. Intentionally interfere with the operation of the service company or a large amount of information transmitted for the purpose to pass, or if you are sending promotional information
    7. Relevant laws and regulations, and other information if you violate these terms and conditions set forth in
    8. Company and others, defamatory or offensive, if

Chapter 4: Service Delivery and Change

Article 19 [paid service details]

  1. Online learning and related materials
    1. Word learning is that one day an anniversary basis.
    2. As a matter of one day in a private lesson if you had the next day with 2 consecutive days training. (However, the shares available for up to 6 times)
    3. Add the word to learn for learning if you ask the company to continue using the service without notice, can be stopped.
  2. Various Pay Ticket

Article 20 [the provision of services and changes]

  1. The company year-round, one day, in principle, to provide 24-hour service.
  2. Operational or technical reason for the company if there is such a significant change is the service provided.
  3. If I change the service in accordance with the reasons for the change, and the contents of Article 8 of this Agreement will notify the member.

Article 21 [of the service interruption]

  1. If the company falls under the following provision of the service may stop temporarily. In this case, the company determined that Article 8 of the way, "member" will be notified.
    1. Optimization of facilities for services or equipment maintenance checks for the system due to unavoidable circumstances
    2. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, etc. caused by unavoidable circumstances for the disaster recovery services
    3. Other service facilities such as failure or congestion of service of service if you have difficulty
    4. Period set forth in the Telecommunications Business Act by the operator when to stop telecommunication services
    5. State of emergency, occasionally due to natural calamities
  2. More companies in business transformation, business up, for reasons such as the integration between the service provider can not be offered, the manner prescribed in Article 8 of this Agreement upon notice to members, in accordance with Article 25 of this Agreement will be refunded in progress .

Article 22 [of the information provided, and the ad is displayed]

  1. The members of the company using the services of a variety of information that is deemed necessary, or e-mail or yuseonsang notices to members and can offer ways. However, at any time and received via e-mail can refuse.
  2. The company provides services in connection with the service screen, the company's website, sign up for e-mail written by a member you can post ads on. Received an e-mail ads, and can reject the incoming members.

Article 23 [members of the registered post deleted]

  1. Post a registered member of the company, in violation of this Agreement and the relevant laws, etc. If the post is deleted without delay.
    1. The three other members, or characters of another by libel or slander if made defamatory
    2. In violation of public order and morals is
    3. Is gonna be related to criminal activity is justified if
    4. The company's intellectual property, intellectual property or other rights of others posting violates the
    5. If the company exceeds the posting time
    6. Other relevant laws and regulations that violate the
  2. A bulletin board operated by companies such as the published information, legal interests are violated because the removal of such information to companies or refute the information, you can request a delivery. In this case, the company takes the necessary measures without delay, notify the applicant immediately.

Chapter 5 of the refund and compensation paid content services

Article 24 [the company's Refund Policy]

  1. Member refunds or changes by way of wired and wireless companies that must see a doctor, the company received a request to refund the member's request and check the refund policy, then a refund will be as quickly as possible.
  2. After members complete the payment within 14 days before the start of learning, learning online, prior to taking three rivers with a refund request, and if you were learning more than three rivers are non-refundable.
  3. Company, paragraph 2 Article 22 of this Agreement, and other unavoidable situation that it is unable to continue service to members as soon as possible after the refund will be noticed.
  4. Members of the relevant laws and regulations in violation of these terms and conditions the company is forced to withdraw treatment if the provisions of this section does not apply to refunds.

Article 25 [of services, etc. Let's compensation] (PC through a Web Award in the case of course only)

  1. Reasons attributable to the company for more than one day series, or failure to stop or stop for one month or a failure by the cumulative time exceeds 48 hours, if (or failure to stop using the carrier notifies the user from hours counted) in Stopping or failure of the two boats used for the time period be extended.
  2. I used counter services for the entire period of disability or the All Recurrence of days 2.1 If the course fee to members of the company to a full refund.
  3. Equipment inspection and maintenance services for the improvement at the company through the website within a reasonable time prior to notice. In this case, the company is not responsible for service failures.
  4. 3rd party service is stopped due to the intentional or negligent, or if the company failed to post notices. In this case, the company is not responsible for service failures.

Chapter 6 Others

Article 26 [copyright]

  1. All content is provided by the company that the company has the rights to.
  2. The services provided by member companies of the information obtained by using the company's record without prior approval and editing and replication, and transmission and distribution and sales, exhibits and performances, such as broadcasting and as an act shall not infringe the copyrights of the company.

Article 27 [Personal information protection]

  1. Member companies of the importance of protecting personal information and use the services of member companies, while providing personal information online, companies are committed to a thorough protection.
  2. For more information regarding the privacy and electronic displays at the company's website is provided as a Privacy Policy can be found at.

Article 28 [Indemnity]

  1. The company's services while service charges Free! With no respect for any damages caused to members is not liable.
  2. Member of the company violated the provisions of this Agreement or cause harm to 3rd parties, if, in violation of this agreement the Company and 3rd parties are liable for damage caused.

Article 29 [disclaimer]

  1. The company due to natural disasters or force majeure if you can not provide service on the service charge is waived.
  2. The company incurred due to reasons attributable to members of the service will be held responsible for failure.
  3. Company in connection with the service members posted information, data, facts, reliability, accuracy and assumes no liability with respect to the content.
  4. Company or any dispute between users and 3rd party to mediate disputes arising from such content will not be held liable.

Article 30 [resolution of disputes, etc.]

  1. The company is a member in the event of a dispute is raised to reflect the reasonable opinions and complaints to appropriate and prompt action will be taken. However, does not permit a company to expedite the members and the schedule will be notified of the reason.
  2. Despite the preceding paragraph, the terms and conditions of use and related matters among members, etc., and the company is subject to both the Republic of Korea Act.

Article 31 [Jurisdiction]

Agreement on the dispute if a lawsuit is filed has jurisdiction over the company's headquarters under the jurisdiction of the court.


(Effective Date) This Agreement is effective from 20 April 2010.

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