About the Creators

Scott Miles is an associate professor and the ESL Program Coordinator at Dixie State University.  Scott has an MA in TESOL and a PhD in applied linguistics in language acquisition (spacing effect and language acquisition).  His research interests include grammar and vocabulary acquisition, extensive reading, and cognitive linguistics.

Anders McCarthy is a software developer who spent 15+ years teaching English at university in Seoul.  Anders has an MA in TESL, an MS in electrical engineering, and a BS in physics.  His interests include vocabulary acquisition, phonology, grammar and music.

Michael Glass taught English as a Foreign language at universities in South Korea for over 20 years, and pioneered the development of courses which employed Information Technology and the Internet.  Michael has a B.Ed. in TESOL, a Graduate Diploma in Library Studies, and a Diploma of Teaching.  He now lives in Australia and continues his interest in Computers and IT, Asian Languages and music.

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