Individual Plans

There are two types of plans available:

  • Standard – each daily study session introduces seven new words and reviews up to 35 previously studied words according to the memory schedule.  Sessions usually take 20-25 minutes to complete.  This is the recommended option.
  • Intensive – study sessions are considerably longer, with ten new words and up to 50 reviewed words each day.  Good for the very eager student, but don't burn yourself out!

Both types of plans allow you complete freedom to choose which words you'd like to study.

3 monthsUS $12.00₩ 14,400¥ 1200US $18.00₩ 21,600¥ 1800
6 monthsUS $20.00 * ₩ 24,000 * ¥ 2000 * US $30.00₩ 36,000¥ 3000
12 monthsUS $36.00₩ 43,200¥ 3600US $54.00₩ 64,800¥ 5400

* Recommended option

For just 20 dollars and a few minutes a day, you can permanently master 1000 high-frequency words.  This is a bargain no one else can offer!

Note:  The plans above take effect after the free 7-day trial period is over.  In other words, new members who sign up for six months will actually get six months plus a week.

Group Plans

For educational institutions, we offer substantial discounts for group enrollments of at least 100 students.  Contact us for details.

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